Monday, November 17, 2008

A Cowboy's Birthday

Today is The Cowboy's 26th birthday. He doesn't like to immerse himself in birthday celebrations (unlike me who celebrates an entire week) and even goes so far as to refuse birthday gift-buying. I haven't quite figured this one out, but I am learning to cope. I do realize, however, that maybe our families just celebrate birthdays a little differently. For example, on the birthday of a Workman child, that person has the excuse of doing absolutely no housework, gets his/her choice of birthday meal, and enjoys a party with the immediate family and grandparents. Aaron, being the youngest, may not have experienced such festivities, as his brothers and sisters are a bit older than he.
I find it a bit unfair, however, since The Cowboy lavishes wonderful gifts upon me on my birthday (which I'm beginning to dread as the years whiz by). This past year, he paid for a massage and facial at a local spa with my bestest buddy Stephanie, shopping cash, a gift card to Club Soda (mmmm....martinis....), and a night out to see "Sex and the City" (yes, Mom, I do watch that trashy show). I think I've reached the point now where I really (and I mean REALLY) don't want anything. I mean, I'm rapidly approaching 30 years old! I've passed a quarter of a century and probably 1/3 of my lifetime. Yikes! I'm getting scared!
Yet, every year I intend on bringing up the same argument.
Me: "I want to get you something for your birthday. Any ideas?"
Him: "I don't want anything."
Me: "Seriously. What do you want? I'm going to get you something!"
Him: "Don't get me anything. You know I hate my birthday."
Me: "Why do you hate your birthday? It's not always do something awesome for mine."
Him: "I dunno. Plus, I like doing stuff for your birthdays. I mean it. Don't get me anything."

And so it goes on the same way, year after year.
This year I really didn't get him anything. I just want to say this: I'm glad The Cowboy has a birthday. I'm glad God put him on this earth. Isn't that what a birthday is really all about? Our existence? So, Happy Birthday, Cowboy. I'm so glad God put you here with me.

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