Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Downfall of Cookie Monsters

This could be why my clothes don't fit properly.

I lost about 20 pounds after my surgery, which was awesome. I was back to my pre-wedding weight. Yesterday, we went to Applebee's and there is a cookie and ice cream confection on the menu (they're called Cookie Monsters at Cheddars). I wanted one....badly. So on the way home we picked up a tub of cookie dough and chocolate syrup. We had everything else (the "Ice Cream Man" always keeps vanilla ice cream around), so I made this today. There isn't much left. I skipped lunch for this.

ANYHOW...Aaron had the day off yesterday, so we had a BBQ and bonfire with friends. Here's a few pics.

Stephanie and Rod

The cook in his lederhosen apron.


More horseshoes

And I'm a little behind on my outfits.

Dress, Forever 21

Shirt, Forever 21

Shoes, Shoe Carnival

Skirt, I can't remember


Song Sung Blue Dress,
Shoes, Shoe Carnival
Dog, Somewhere in Logansport
We went to "The Wizard of Oz" at the Foellinger Theatre (Mom, Kelly, Lucy, and me), so I wore my "Dorothy dress" and "Ruby Slippers." There was a little girl who was about 3 or 4 at the theatre who saw me before the movie and said "Daddy, daddy! Look!" Then pointed at me and started waving frantically. I waved back, and she smiled like it was the best part of her day. Then little girls kept saying, "Look, the ruby slippers!" It was so fun. I was glad that I could make them so happy just by dressing like a dork. Aaron suggested that Foo Foo be my "Toto" in the picture. I asked him if I looked like Dorothy Gale. He said, "Unfortunately, yes."

Finally, the Lookout Cookout Dress from Modcloth. Love it, but it doesn't fit so well anymore. Anyhow, here I am "looking out" at the "cookout."

I'm a big geek and I don't care.

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