Monday, September 14, 2009

Curbing the Addiction

It seems as soon as I get one online shopping website crossed off my list of addictions, I find out about another one. Came across the goodies at, and my eyes literally bugged out of my head in desperation to own them. This is my guilty pleasure. Are there support groups for this?

(already own the Holly Golightly sleep mask)

Who can resist the cute little matryoshka?

The no-staple stapler

Remember the pink phone in my "100 Things" post? This is pretty much one and the same.

GIANT cupcake pan

Tres chic french toast...and heavens, but I love french toast!

Always, always, always wanted to be a librarian when I was a kid. This is incredibly AWESOME!!

I've seen these before, and I still love them.

Last but not least, who didn't love Nancy Drew books as a kid? Now you can own this very adorable address book!

I am visiting NYC to drink martinis and go to the top of the Empire State Building and view Miss Liberty and all that good stuff, then off to Frankenmuth for a bit of Oktoberfest fun. See you Saturday!

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