Thursday, October 8, 2009

Almost Paradise...

Okay, so that's a really corny song, but somehow I love it. It sounds cornier as a blog post title, though. Regardless, four years ago today, Aaron and I were married. Last night:
Aubrey: Can you believe we've been married almost 4 years?
Aaron: It feels like for-e-ver.
Aubrey: I hate you.
Aaron: I'm funny.
And then he sends me this today...they are gorgeous!
Really, though, we've been married FOUR YEARS! It's gone so fast, and I don't even know how. I'm so blessed to be married to Aaron. He's made me so much better over the years. I can make decisions now all on my own (even though I hate it). I am more open-minded with people. I don't yell so much when I'm angry. And it's not because he buys me nice gifts once in a while or surprises me with dinner and things like daisies he picked from the garden (my favorite). I want to be a better wife because he is such a darn good husband. A brat like me doesn't deserve a guy like him.

Honeymoon...the people at the bar in our hotel found out we were just married and bought two bottles of top-notch champagne, one for everyone there, and one for just us. Then the bartender sent strawberries up to our room. See, people can be nice in big cities.

Aboard the Windy II, a four-masted ship.

Chicago Cubs game

I love you, Aaron. I love everything about our marriage. It's such a shame when people get divorced because I think about how lucky I was to find you the first time around and I wish they would find someone so perfect the first time, too. Thank you for dinner and the flowers and the vacation and a fantastic life with you. To 75 more!

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