Monday, November 16, 2009

Chicago, Chicago...

We had a great weekend in Chicago. It is one of my all-time favorite cities, and we're lucky that it is so close to home!

This is the cute little kitchen in the apartment where my parents stayed. Thanks so much to my brother Jesse and sister-in-law Stephanie for letting all of us stay with them and allowing their baby to get no sleep because we want to kiss on him too much!

Look at that cute little's Pookie-sized!
Aidan loves his baths!

Ed Debevick's

The video cut off just before the waiter turned around and stuck his butt in Kelly's face!

Jesse took part in a beautiful performance of "The Messiah." I absolutely loved it!

Jesse hopped into the picture at the last second....I think it turned out even better!

My new coat from H&M...I love it.


Shoe Gal said...

By the way, can you see the little girl dancing in the other room in the background on the video? She was hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Chicago looks like tons of fun. we'll have to take the boys t ed's sometime. Noah will either love it or hate it. I can't decide what I will think of it. I have to wonder if the service is any good with all the hilarity going on.


Shoe Gal said...

The service is fantastic...they are purposely mean to you, so you have to be able to be offended and laugh about it. The first time we went there, they made Lucy cry. It's about $10 for a hamburger, though, so you're really paying for the fun.