Monday, December 21, 2009

This is how we decorate for Christmas

My dear German friend and penpal, Anja, requested some photos of how we decorate our house. Nothing special, but it fits us and our personalities. Please, step into our home...

This is an ornament we picked up at Bronner's in Frankenmuth.

Our first Christmas ornament.

Anja's ornament

My ornament from Munich

Aaron's ornament from Munich

An ornament I received as a child but which bears an eerie resemblance to Mademoiselle Foo Foo.

An ornament from Aaron's mother because she said our tree was so beautiful (which it is).

Another Foo Foo

A snowman that I painted as a little tyke.

Okay. So when Aaron was living with his friend Chris before we were married, they would watch "Pee Wee's Big Adventure" and if one of them was making breakfast, he would make the Pee Wee Herman laugh. On our first vacation after we were married, we saw this and bought one for ourselves and one for Chris. If you've seen the movie, and you really should, then you already understand.

An ornament my cousin made for me when we were little

This was a little nativity scene that my mother always had around the house and gave to me when I was young. And I cherish it very much.

More Christmasing to come tomorrow!


Judy in Indiana said...

Your home is lovely, and much more decoarted than mine.

erin + tyler said...

I wrap all our packages in brown paper, too! But, I draw pictures on ours.

Jan Workman said...

Aubrey, your home is beautiful, I love Christmas decorations, got a few of mine out but not nearly as many as I wanted.

Anonymous said...

: Good morning Pee-Wee
: Good morning Mr. Breakfast!
: Can I have the Mr. T cereal?
: OK! Hee Hee... (Mr. T voice) I pity the fool who don't eat my cereal!