Monday, January 4, 2010

A Holly Jolly Christmas

From Mom and Dad (the Boise State gnome is for Aaron)

From my boss

From my hubby (some of the DVD's were for him from me, photos of what I bought with the Macy's gift card to come shortly....and I forgot to take a photo of the Snuggie he bought me as a joke but that I really ended up liking a lot!)

From the in-laws

From my newest sister-in-law

From Grandpa and Grandma

From Lucy, who spent a considerable amount of time choosing just the perfect earrings and knee socks for me

For Foo Foo....a new raccoon. And treats for Tabby, but which Foo Foo also claimed as her own. Poor Tabby.

From Grandma Eichman...not really a Christmas gift, but absolutely awesome just the same!

From Aunt Judy...mmm! Freezer jam and cinnamon hot chocolate!

From a co-worker

What did you get for Christmas? I hope it was wonderful!


Corina said...

Hey, that's an awesome ring, and that shaker glasses set pretty awesome too. You got some cool stuff for X-mas, and I like your blog. Feel free to check mine out as well, I mostly write astrology/crafts stuff:

Judy in Indiana said...

My little gifts look pitiful in comparison, but they were made with love.

Shoe Gal said...

Aunt Judy, they were definitely NOT pitiful! They were absolutley delicious!