Sunday, February 14, 2010

Busy Bee

I've been a busy little bee.

Yesterday, I woke up and shoveled a good portion of the driveway so that I could shut the gate. The goat sisters had been cooped up in their stall for a few days and wanted OUT!
So then my arms felt a little numb, and my tummy was grumbling so I made pancakes with blueberries.
I folded laundry that seemed neverending
while watching
My bangs were driving me crazy, so I took matters into my own hands and gave them a little snip,
then did my makeup,
and began dinner...Homestyle Bakes save my life (I love their chicken and biscuits)!
Then off to Mom and Dad's for movie night. "Little Rascals" was the movie of choice, which was appropriate because there was a little rascal there while her mom and dad went to dinner and a movie.

You must know that there is a tradition in Workman family movie simply must have peanut M&Ms in your popcorn. (I take credit for this. Just like dipping cinnamon twists in nacho cheese at Taco Bell. You just have to have salty and sweet.)

After the movie, I went grocery shopping, and it was 11:00 PM before I finished. So I hurried and put together this little gift for my mom for Valentine's Day, my own version of this. I made the envelopes out of cardstock and created tiny drawings on them, then put flower seeds in each one, such as Sweetpea or Forget-Me-Knots. I bought a tiny flower pot, some Spanish Moss, and a lovely butterfly to tie it all together. So she would have the directions for planting and care of the seeds, I made a valentine with an envelope on the back that held the original seed packets.
And for the whole family....a giant chocolate chip heart. Yum!!!
When I woke up for 9:15 Mass this morning, I was extremely tired. I just couldn't wake up! So I stumbled into the kitchen for a cup of coffee, and look what awaited me!!! Our old coffee maker spits coffee everywhere, so this was exactly what I wanted, and so unexpected!

And when Aaron came home from the 7:15am Mass, I said:

(I think this is the blog I stole this idea from...she is uber creative!)

So then I just had to do something for my dearest, since he did something so nice for me. But we don't usually celebrate Valentine's Day (it's too commercialized, you know...well, so says Aaron. And I'd rather he show me love every day anyhow), so I had nothing but some corned beef and rye bread in the deep freezer and some spuds on the counter. I've never cooked corned beef and cabbage before, mind you, but I gave it the old college try, and it worked! Apparently, you just have to know how to boil food in water...who knew?! (Do not be wary...this is what was left after we ate a good deal of it. This picture does not portray its actual yumminess.)
And, well, just for fun I decided to make chocolate souffles and was delighted to use my ramekins for the very first time. They are incredibly rich...Aaron could only get through half of his. I would definitely suggest adding the "optional" vanilla ice cream.

I installed the printer,
organized my colored pencils,
and balanced the checkbook.

And now I wish you a very happy St. Valentine's Day!


lina said...

oj så söta bilder. åh

Shoe Gal said...

Note: Lina said "Oh so cute pictures. Oh." At least that's what translated in the online Swedish to English translator. Thanks,Lina!

Judy in Indiana said...

Wow. I am tired just thinking about wht you did in a couple days. I should drop my kids off at your parents' too, so Scott and I can have dinner and a movie. I don't recall when we were last alone.