Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Young at heart

Don't you just love "giant" things...like a stethoscope on a building?

I just love going to beautiful churches and seeing the most gorgeous parishes around the world (although I will always think that our good ole' St. Peter's is the prettiest).

To finish our German-Italian-Irish food world tour, we stopped at The Claddagh for lunch. It was by far the most amazing fish and chips I've ever had...and of course, you can't have fish and chips without the Guiness.

And for the grand finale (and to do something other than eating, drinking, or shopping), we chose to be young at heart by finishing up at the Children's Museum, greeted by dinosaurs breaking out of the building!
The big exhibit was about the history of Barbie, which was actually kind of cool...don't tell Aaron I told you, but even he got into it. There were displays of Barbie through her history, life-size Barbies, design and fashion Barbie, and a fashion show for all of the kids to take part in. They were cracking me up!
(I secretly wanted to join the fashion show)
The tall green glass thingy-bobber is actually a water clock...I can remember this from when I was a kid!
Ooh...this mirror exhibit makes me feel really good about myself!
(And apparently Aaron and I gained a child without even knowing it)
Okay, I don't like the mirrors anymore.
I really REALLY REALLY wanted to ride on the carousel and get an awesome photo, but Aaron was quite unwilling...I can't wait to have kids just so that I can do stuff like this.

For anyone who knows me well, you know that I love trains, and I believe Madison, Indiana to be the gosh-darn cutest little town I ever did see. I grew up down the street from the train tracks, and I would fall asleep to the sound of the whistles and click of the trains on the track. It's one of the most beautiful feelings when you hear that sound mingled with the warm summer winds blowing softly through the window at night. When I got married, it was near impossible for me to fall asleep without that sound...I actually thought about (and still think about) getting a train CD to listen to at bedtime.

Anyhow....this exhibit is all about Madison, Indiana and the ridiculously steep hill that this train climbed (and pushed cargo up). Believe it or not, when Aaron's grandmother was a little girl, she grew up in Madison and used to rollerskate down that hill (don't try this at home, kids).

Well, that's all, kids. I hope you enjoyed our trip to Indy and go yourself sometime!

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Judy in Indiana said...

The noises in the dinosphere would cause Seth to cry and freak out so we'd have to leave.

Of course, this is the kid who would cry at the overhead announcements at school. he must have thought it was the voice of God.

We love the Claddaugh too! Mmmm mmmm good.