Sunday, March 28, 2010

Random Things I Love This Week

Things I love this week....

Fresh flowers and decorations that make your house look oh, so pretty.

Making cards for friends and family...this one was for my friend Amber or "Bullwinkle." I have no idea where the Rocky and Bullwinkle nicknames came from.

Taking a fun photo and then editing in different colors.

Little finds that remind you of childhood. I bought these little biscuits at Starbuck's because my favorite children's book has always been "The Owl and the Pussycat."
"Chinese takeout" that you got for $2.50 at the grocery store.

Postcards and snail mail and little surprises in your mailbox!
Ginormous colorful balloons.

Little girls who shove cupcakes in their mouths...the whole cupcake.

Spending the day roaming the city with my silly sisters.
The Sunbeam Bread sign...the slices of bread rotate. It's awesome.

And also the smell of fresh bread throught the entire downtown area created by the Sunbeam factory.
Big hugs that knock the breath out of you.

Spring blossoms
The anticipation of spring blossoms.
Little puppies who act as guard dogs against stray cats and pesky birds.
Wall clings that make your walls look prettier until you can paint...

and the fact that they were only $1 each at the local Dollar Tree.
The new lamp for my home office that makes everything feel cozy.
Fun packaging tape from Michaels that I got for $1.

and rainbows of color.
Finding a good deal...

and then buying a few in every color.
Making something with your bare hands.

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