Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Brush With Greatness

The kids spent the night last night, so Mom brought them over and we all watched "That's My Boy" together and ate ice cream sundaes.

One thing that I like about my family is that they are as weird as I am, which includes spraying Redi Whip directly into one's mouth and adding a cherry to boot. And of course, then making ridiculous faces.

I love how Lucy actually tried to smile a normal smile in this one.

Lucy became Tabby's new best friend.
See, Tabby's even smiling in this one.
Mom and Dad picked all of us up this morning and we drove to the University of Notre Dame for the Blue and Gold Game, which is essentially a scrimmage game. The kids had never been to Notre Dame before, so they got a real kick out if it.

Touchdown Jesus

We did a lot of walking in a very short period of time.
The Golden Dome
The Basilica was closed for a wedding, which made us sad.
But, you'll never believe who we saw and who sat about 4 rows behind us for approximately 3.5 minutes?!

Joe Montana.....(eating a pretzel)!!!!

It is the most amazing experience when the players run onto the field, even if it is a practice game.
Lucy loved watching the cheerleaders because she wants to be one (already).
The stadium was about 1/2 full, which I thought was pretty good considering it wasn't a regular season game.
The leprechaun doing push ups after a touchdown

It was a good day...but now September seems so far away. I heard a quote today: "There are two seasons - Notre Dame Football Season, and waiting for football season." And that is true.

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