Friday, July 9, 2010

College Girl

We celebrated Jennifer's high school graduation last weekend with a party!

Grandma Jan made the awesome cakes!
Livi was a big hit.

Benji took a little snooze

Ben, don't you know it's not nice to hit girls?
The over-the-top fake happy smile

When the knife begins the first cut into the cake, the children scramble to hover around it.
Big Aubrey and Little Aubrey
Everybody loved the cake.


The girls requested I take each of their photos.

Full bellies means it's time for a nap!

It was nice to see Aunt Mary and Uncle Marv...and I know Aunt Mary reads my blog, so of course she has to be on it, too!

Drama Queen?

Mom lifts some weights.
And so does Jacob. Kelly decides that this kind of weight lifting deserves a tiara.
Probably discussing Paul McCartney.
The Grad.
Do you see the bunny ears beginning to pop up behind my head?

Congratulations, Jenny! We're super duper proud of you and wish you luck in your college career!

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