Friday, August 20, 2010

Hear Ye, Hear Ye! It's a Princess Tea Party!

The Royal Workman Princesses and Queen received invitations in the mail for the Royal Princess Tea Party at the Dettmer Manor.

There were also chicken salad with mandarin oranges, grapes, and pecan croissants, and salami and mustard finger sandwiches at the request of Princess Lucia.

Queen Julie and the Princesses Lucia and Kelly were the first to grace us with their presence.
We were prepared for Prince Aidan if he was in attendance, also, which he was not...but these are still at the Dettmer Manor if he so wishes to visit his Auntie Aubrey and Uncle Aaron.
The Royal Guests chose their own tea you recognize this one, Anja?
Aaron said I looked like Snooky, and I grudgingly admitted he was correct, so I later put my hair up.
Even Mademoiselle Foo Foo dressed for the occasion.
We began with tea, pink lemonade, and a fascinating game of Candy Land, which is Lucia's favorite when she visits us. We set the Candy Land kids up in funny positions...dancing, high fives, etc.
Princess Mary and the Royal Baby were the next to arrive.
The Royal Baby scrunches her face up when there is a flash on the camera...thus we dub this, "The Scrunchy Face."

Princess Stephanie also arrived, and all agreed that a game of Pretty Pretty Princess was in order. Queen Julie read the rules.
Princess Stephanie was given sympathetic looks when she lost all of her pieces in the game.
But then she pulled it out with a win!
The Royal Baby preferred to entertain herself with toy cars...
and eating them!
Then she played with the baby in the mirror and kissed her.
Time for the favorite game of the afternoon...Pin the Kiss on the Frog Prince!

And finally, the Princesses Kelly and Lucia serenaded us with a song on the piano, and afterward spent the night at the Dettmer Manor.
These are the kinds of times I will always treasure...silly, fun times with my family!

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Judy in Indiana said...

That looks like so much fun! Livi looks so delicious I could just keep kissing her pretty face.