Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Early April Postcards

Happy Mail Time!

A postcard from my dear friend from Germany, Anja.  She traveled to Dresden recently and was sweet enough to send me a postcard. She said that the architecture was amazing and that there are angels on every building. Doesn't Dresden look like a lovely place?
Oh, happy day! Another postcard from Germany, this time from Janett in Kirchdorf.  This postcard will be very helpful to me in my Germany geography studies.
 I get many postcards from The Netherlands, and I really can't complain about it, because the people there always send the nicest cards. This one, according to Babelfish (which is not always a reputable source), says "Much kind," although other places I researched said "Much love." Either way, it's a pretty little card Monique in Ubrecht in The Netherlands.
I know you're thinking, "Woah, woah, woah! Keep it PG!" Well, I think it's a neat card, and Abigail from New Jersey was very sweet to send it. I love all of the colors, and I love picnics, and I love this card. 
This is a photo I took of our local baseball field, and I was so proud when I took this picture and had it made into postcards...and then I found out that everyone else in town has taken the exact same photo. Well, no matter...I sent it to Karol in Poland anyhow.
To Karen in Salt Lake City, Utah.
A picture of Abigail Adams, whose detailed letters are a vivid source of social history.
To Nastya in Russia
This is from my postcard book "America Works Out," and is a picture of "high school boys growing physically fit through exercise" at Benjamin Franklin High School in New York in 1942.

To Margarita in Valencia, Spain
A picture of Harriet Tubman, American abolitionist who became the underground railroad's most famous "conductor" and was known as the "Moses of her people."

I enjoy all of the interesting and adorable postcards that people around the world send to me, & and I love to read what they all have to say. I hope some day to receive postcards from a few other places that I have not heard from yet: Ireland, Scotland, England, Australia, France, Italy, and many countries in South America.

Happy Postcrossing!

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