Sunday, April 3, 2011

Modcloth Love: Decorating

I am a Modcloth fanatic. I check their site at least 4 days of the week for uber-cute dresses and kitschy household items. Their prices are a bit unreasonable at times, but it's fun to "browser shop."
Bird Bath-room Soap Dish $16.99

Twin Tabbies Shaker Set $11.99
Reminds me of the kitties playing pat-a-cake on the video I posted recently.

Sister-riffic Message Doll $11.99
You tuck hidden messages inside and give it to your sister! It could take quite a while to go through all of my sisters!

Eiffel Tea-wer Set for One $54.99
I'm so excited to see the "Eiffel Tower" at Epcot next month, and of course teapots are amazingly fun.

Floral to Ceiling Tea Set $44.99
Well, I just love tea sets. I can't help myself.
Let's Play Dress-Up Keychain $6.99
When I was a child, I had this toy that looked like these little people and you could put on a fashion show by changing their little plastic clothes. Loved it...pretty sure I would love this, too.
Next Betsey Fashion Designer $8.99
My aspiration as a child was to become a fashion designer. I remember my cousin had one of these, only it was Barbie. You change out the little plastic slides, mix and match, put a piece of paper on top, and then color over with crayon. I didn't think they still made them.

Let's Bring Back book $19.99
This book is about all of the forgotten items and terms of bygone days..basically the things that Aaron and I love, as we were very obviously born into the wrong era.

I'm a Little Teapot $44.99
Imagine that....another teapot.

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