Thursday, April 14, 2011

Postcards - Mid April 2011

Oh, happy mail time!

I wasn't sure if I should post this on my's so scandalously saucy. But what a neat card, and I love the Chinese writing and the little pictures on the sides.
From Stella in China
 Doesn't Finland look just amazing? I watch it on PBS when they have cooking in Finland shows.
Thanks, Virpi from Helsinki, Finland!
Mmmm! I think my stomach is growling about these delicious apple slices in fried dough, eaten with cinnamon/sugar and vanilla sauce. 
From my newest pen friend, Franziska in Steffisburg, Switzerland. 
 Another wonderful postcard from Franziska She said that she sent it because it matches my blog and shows tulips from her trip to Holland. She takes all of the beautiful photos on her postcards. You're the best, Francizka!

 This is a neat little postcard that shows a tea plantation in Cameron Highlands, Pahang
From Madeline in Kapit, Malaysia
 Last but most certainly not least, a terrific black and white postcard of winter in Amsterdam. I love black and white pictures, and I love pictures of villages and towns and cities, so this is one of my favorites.
From Christine in Oregon

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