Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dirndls Make the World Go Round (& are really cute, too!)

As you may know, I'm hopelessly in love with Germany. Don't get me wrong, my loyalty and patriotism is with the United States. But sometimes I just want to run through a great green field, or climb the beautiful mountains, or drink a liter of beer in a tavern in the mountains while singing to an Oom Pa Pa band. And I love dirndls. I have only one, but I cherish it. When I got too fat and ripped the seam, I was frantic to get it fixed (which I did...and had it let out, too). I wish I lived in a time and in a town where dirndls were commonplace and normal to where. Alas, the only time I can wear mine is at Germanfest, which is always over much too soon.

On Pinterest (see yesterday's post), I found photos of beautiful dirndls from Trentini. Oh my...I can see this dress addiction thing turning into a dirndl addiction. If only I could afford them! They have a Couture line as well as a Fräulein line.

The person who originally posted the photos on Pinterest is Dirndl Magazine, which is another beautiful find. Imagine, an entire website dedicated to nothing but dirndls! Truly, this is a magical  site!


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