Thursday, June 9, 2011

Germanfest Blues

Germanfest is this week, & I am dying to go. I went to the German Mass at St. Peter's, & I watched Aaron in the strong man competition on Monday for Köstritzer Abend. But I want to be in the tent with the oom pa pa band and singing Ein Prosit while I wave my liter of beer back and forth. I want to be surrounded by a thousand people while I eat my bratwurst and sauerkraut and potato salad and kuchen. I want to wear my dirndl. But I think the only day I'll have gotten to wear it this week is on Sunday because I'm just to busy getting caught up with photo editing since my computer was broken and a wedding to photograph (which is great!). And I'll only be able to go to the beer tent for a short time this weekend. So here are some pictures from Sunday. (For Germanfest info, click here.)

 I have the Germanfest Blues.


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