Saturday, June 18, 2011

Girl Time

One night my sister Mary invited me over for a girls night with her and Livi to eat some taco soup, which was delicious!

 I brought the Coronas! (Livi did not partake in that part of girls night, of course)

Livi is a dipper. It's a thing with our family. We like to dip our food. 

Taco Soup face

Then we decided to go for a walk around the apartment complex. But it started to drizzle, so unfortunately, some of the pictures ended up a little spotty in places from the raindrops.

I had some fruit flavored popcorn to share, which was yuuuuu-my!

Then, of course, it was time to pick dandelions.

And what do dandelions do?

Why, they kiss, of course!

Livi tries to blow out the dandelions like Mommy did.

So much fun! We agreed that we need to do this again soon!


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