Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Have you heard of For anyone who is a self-proclaimed ultimate penpaller, this is the place to be!

Right now they're giving out prizes to 3 lucky winners: a stationery set, a notebook, or stamps. I'm hoping for the stamps! I think it would be amazing to see all of the places that the stamps have come from and how different they look. Here's a photo of the prize:

It's easy! Just go to to leave a comment about which prize(s) you would like to be entered for. You get one entry. Then you can win another entry by posting on Facebook     ( or Twitter ( with a link back to Sandbook. Finally, win a 3rd entry by blogging about the contest, like I'm doing. 

Sandbook is the place to go to find new penpals, lost penpals, tips for writing, penpal ideas, learning about different places around the world, and they even put out a free monthly digital newsletter. You can nominate you and your penpal for Penpal of the Month (click here to nominate your penpal) like I did. Anja and I won! Here is my entry (click here for the full newsletter), and next month, a short interview about each of us will be in the newsletter.

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SandbookNet said...

Hello, Aubrey! Thank you for participating in our contest! I really love the way you made the blog post! :D) Hope that the awards for the penpal of the month arrive there soon! Hugs from Bulgaria: Raia