Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My Favorite Things: May 2012

I've decided that this blog is pretty well dead by now....I'm considering how I'll write my farewell post as we speak. But I needed a place to store all the favorite things in my day, and since I had so many happy things today, The Tulip Bulb has been designated the dumping grounds for the images.

First I have some sweet new "Thank You" cards. Aren't they tres magnifique?
And then there's Mademoiselle Foo Foo keeping watch over the house by staring out the window all day.

The realization that my hair is getting LOOONNGGG. Finally!
(And it was in dire need of a good brushing when I took this pic!)
A springy new scarf (scarves are all the rage in Ireland right now, and I'm hooked).

Silly little cousins who are just cute as can be.

And sweet little sleeping babies.


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