Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Day 1...Again

Okay, so I've done these new blogs/personal website things a million times it seems, but I never keep up with them. But this time it's legit (just like last time)!

I was inspired to begin a blog by the blog "Love for Nie", which is a website by Stephanie Nielson. She is a devoted wife and mother of four, who I learned about on the "Today Show". Stephanie and her husband were in a tragic plane crash and are still in critical condition. (I will post her link on my blog.) It's highly addictive because she loves her family so much and always has such a positive take on life. I began looking over her blog yesterday, and it really has changed my life. It's so refreshing to find a woman who loves her children, instead of feeling burdened by them. She never complains about her husband, but rather expresses her undying affection for him. Her story is tragic, but what came out of it is amazing. After the plane crash, her bloggers pulled together to raise money for the hospital costs by auctioning items, holding fundraisers, donating money, and sending lots and lots of prayers to our dear Father above. I highly encourage everyone to visit the blog, which her sister has so kindly taken over for the time being.

It kind of makes my blog look bare. My life is so unexciting right now. I think I'll just post some photos and some of my favorite things until I think of something exciting to write. Or maybe I should write really really big to fill up space like I did on my middle school essays. Of course, that really didn't ever work. Photos are more fun anyhow.

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