Friday, September 12, 2008

I'm Just a Cranky Old Nag

Last night my honey and I went with some friends to a local comedy club. We've been to this establishment several times in the past, because they give away free tickets but then charge exuberant prices on drinks and food. Every time we go to a show at this place, I end up leaving upset. My first question is this: Why must a comedian be raunchy to be funny?

My little sister says funny things all the time, and she isn't raunchy. Comedians didn't used to be raunchy, and people thought they were hilarious. I think those old comics are funny now. In fact, the other day I just watched "Arsenic and Old Lace" and was totally enamored with the hilarity of it. And yet, it was cute, so would someone else my age think it was funny? I was sad to think that they probably wouldn't. But if it was a color movie filmed this year, then would they think it was funny? Is it just because it's old that we're not supposed to like it? Or is it because it's cute, innocent, or sweet? Our society is so adverse to all things pure it seems, and those who defend the pure of heart are too kind to retaliate against the brutal lashings from the insensitive ones. The comedians at this club are downright filthy and totally demeaning. They brutally attacked several of my beliefs, whether they be religious, political, or ethical stances, as well as others' beliefs. And yet the audience laughed. They thought he was wonderful. I don't think he was wonderful. I think he was a bitter, nasty, disgusting man who is only out to earn a buck.

Anyway, my question is this: The cowboy thinks that I being a fuddy-duddy. After all, "It's only comedy. It's not real life." Am I a fuddy-duddied stick-in-the-mud nag already at the tender age of a twenty-something? Or am I really just a young woman who is tired of being provoked and bashed for her beliefs and is sensitive to the beliefs of others?

On a lighter note, I am really excited because the cowboy and I are going to watch our high school alma maters battle in a game of football tonight. Then a bonfire at our house for my sisters and their friends. Go bulldogs!!!

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