Thursday, September 18, 2008

Why My Family Rocks!

My family is so freaking awesome, I can't even tell you how amazing they really are! But I thought I could tell a little about each of them so they would know how grateful and proud I am of each one of them. Today I will gloat about my cowboy.

On our Honeymoon (October 2005)

Keeping our spirits high in our first year together (Summer 2006)

Surprisingly, I have no photos of Aaron wearing his cowboy gear, although he rarely goes without it.

My Dearest Cowboy,
I know that you will probably never look at this because you hate these sorts of things. But just in case you do happen to find your way here, I want you to know how much you really mean to me. You are bold and blunt and completely spontaneous, whereas I am the complete opposite of those things. But you keep me level-headed when I am freaking out (which is quite often, actually), and are so encouraging when I need it most.
We have been through a awful lot...since our perfect wedding day. I know you don't like to hear about this because it forces you to think about times that were scary and unpredictable, but I will never forget how you slept on a hospital cot for weeks and weeks...darn near a month...just to make me feel better. You did everything you could to make me feel better, and I never once took that for granted. It meant the world to me. Even when I got a "moon face" from the Prednisone, you still looked at me like I hadn't changed at all. Even when you were working so hard to support us both because I couldn't work, you still made sure that I was completely comfortable and happy.
I love coming home to you, and waking up to you, and just looking at you. I never know what I'm going to get. I love when sometimes out of the blue you make a funny face or do a funny dance or act completely ridiculous, because I'm never sure when it's going to happen. I love listening to the same stories you've told a thousand times because they never get old. Your life is full of adventure and suspense, and I never would have had that if I hadn't married you. You force me to look outside of myself and do things I don't want to do, but then I really enjoy those things later. Sometimes I get frustrated with life and people, but just bear with me a while longer...maybe just until forever. You make life so much more fun.
Someday when we're old and gray, we'll remember how I was so surprised to find that I had callouses, or how you outran the police on a horse, or when Mademoiselle Foo Foo jumped in the pond. But those will be just a few memories of the many that we will accumulate. I so look forward to making more memories with you.
I will love you always,
Your City Girl

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