Thursday, October 9, 2008


Dearest Mademoiselle Foo Foo,

I am so very sorry that we forgot about your birthday. As noted in our records, you turned 2 years old on October 3, 2008. This is a momentous time, as you are actually now of legal drinking age (according to several reputable internet sources that convert doggy years to human years). However, as you are a canine and have no valid I.D. to prove your age, you will be banned from alcoholic beverages at this time. I am truly sorry that we forgot your birthday. I wondered why you moped around the house and watched "Sixteen Candles" over and over again! You should have said something.

You are very lovely and quite adorable. I have heard many girls say that they would love to have your 3-inch long eyelashes. I am fairly certain that you will win "Best Dressed" in any Halloween costume contest. Who could resist a bumble bee as adorable as you? It seems like only yesterday that I took this photograph of you. You were oh so little, like a little snowball hopping about the yard. Remember when we first met? Of course, I couldn't take you home yet because you were much too young, but I knew at that moment that we belonged to each other. You were so tiny that I could hold your entire body in one hand. And then your aunt brought you to us on Thanksgiving and you wore that adorable little hoodie.

You were so tired that you slept darn near all day. And then all night every night for months afterward, you would cry and cry, until finally one day we decided that you would sleep with us. To this day you sleep in our bed, right in between us. I will wake up in the middle of the night with no blankets covering me, yelling at Aaron to stop stealing them. Then he shoots back that he doesn't have any either. And then we look at you and the bed that you've made around yourself, nice and cozy in a pile of blankets.

A few things that I love about Foo Foo:

1) I love that you enjoy wearing outfits. You get so excited when I pull out your sweater or your tutu....and you are able to put them on by yourself (Seriously, she can!).
2) I love, even though I have to clean you up afterward, when you dig in the mulch and become "The Mulch Monster."
3) I love when you eat an ice cube and you chomp your little's sooo cute!
4) I love when you dance like a ballerina.
5) I love that you get so excited when I come home.
6) I love that you and Buster (the barncat) are having a love affair...and that you try to hide it when I'm around).
7) I love that you can jump 5 feet in the air.
8) I love when you do "Matrix moves" off of the furniture.

These are just a few things that I love about you, Mademoiselle Foo Foo. I hope this makes up in part for us forgetting your birthday. Next year when you turn 25 years old, I promise to have a big birthday bash for you.

I love you,

Your Devoted Mother

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