Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Kelly's Version of the Story...

Okay, so to expand on yesterday's blog, sit back, relax, and listen to a little tale about another kind of cat fight.

One Sunday afternoon, the Workman Bunch was sitting at Bandido's (our favorite restaurant because it used to be cheap for kids meals and we needed a lot of them!) sharing the latest neighborhood gossip. Recently our neighbor (we'll call her Mrs. Smith) had divorced from her husband, Mr. Smith, who promptly married a younger and much crazier wife, who also became Mrs. Smith but that just becomes confusing to have 2 Mrs. Smiths, so we'll call the newer, crazier wife Mrs. Crazy.

Mrs. Crazy came over one day to pick up Mr. and Mrs. Smith's children. We are not entirely certain of all events in this case, but suffice it to say, Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Crazy got into a cat fight on the front lawn. I mean, an all-out hair-pulling, biting, nail-scratching brawl for all the neighbors to see.

Our precious little Kellyman was just a wee 3 years old

and overheard our conversation. All of a sudden, her eyes got very wide and she burst in, "I saw it! I saw the whole thing!" She began reenacting the scene for us, "The cat was here, and Mrs. Smith was there, and the cat went

Then they," and she began pouncing her hands around on the table as if Mrs. Smith and the cat were just jumping around the yard after each other. Then she continued, "But it's okay. The cat still lives with them."

We weren't really sure how to react, but I was just glad she didn't know the real version of the story. So now you know Kelly's version of the story.

By the way, when the Kellyman was still a wee 3-year-old, she and the little neighbor girl used to throw cats out the second-story window of her friend's house to see if they really did land on their feet. She doesn't do that now. And by the way, they do land on their feet.

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