Friday, February 13, 2009

The Newspaper Dress...

I bought this vintage dress quite a while ago and absolutely love it. I find it to be quite flattering, but I feel a bit like a newspaper with all of the black and white! By the way, I have a mild obsession now with Mary Janes, knee socks, and finding a Peter Pan collar blouse with cap sleeves (which is near impossible!).

As a side note, a dear friend of mine phoned about this post in which I described another friend as "The most fashionable pregnant woman I've ever seen." A little tiffed (in a joking way), my friend said that it was not fair to make such a claim because I haven't seen her pregnant...quite true, Melissa. Therefore, I will be accepting photos from any woman who thinks that she was/is the most fashionable pregnant woman. Just post to the site or email me.

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