Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hand Mirrors and Veiled Hats

Since I haven't received photos of Mary's wedding yet, I thought I would post photos of my finds from the local antique shops.
I was a little bored last Saturday, so I had my bangs cut, picked up my wedding ring (which unfortunately had to be sized up and is still not big enough), and then off to the local antique stores. I've never really been much for antiquing, but then I found out that we have a whole slew of them here in our city! What fun! Aaron wasn't really very impressed with my purchases, and they're nothing I would take on "Antiques Roadshow," but I love them and that's all that really matters.

Please forgive the photo quality...they were taken with my camera phone. *sigh* The digital camera is still not working.
My favorite purchase was this beautiful hand mirror for only $6. It has a slight crack, but I don't mind.

Then I found this hat for $5, which I'll probably never wear anywhere, but it's fun to have nonetheless. Aaron asked me where I would wear it, and I said that maybe I would wear it to church (half-joking). When I showed the photo to my mom, she said, "Oh, you should wear that to church." Thanks, Mom. Maybe I will.

I thought this clock was pretty cool, but I didn't find out until later that it's basically just made of painted styrofoam. Maybe no one will notice? It says, "Deutsche Uhr", which I believe means "German Clock." $15

Finally, the little boy and girl that I just adore...$20 for the pair. I've always wanted something like these. When Aaron saw them, he said, "They're kind of creepy...probably haunted." The lights flickered as if on cue. I don't care if they are haunted...I love them.

Anyhow, that's pretty much it! I can't wait to explore the other antique shops...I only made it through two!

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