Monday, June 22, 2009

I'm ba-ack!

Okay, so my internet is finally functional!!!! I'm completely freaking out. I've already spent two hours on it tonight (don't tell Aaron!). No more going to other people's houses to sponge off their internet. I have my own, although it is rather slow, but you really can't complain for $20 a month.

So this is my cozy little workstation, for now (bad photo, but the computer is too slow to upload a different one).
And one of the beautiful lamps we bought when antiquing on Broadway downtown to complement the retina-damaging glow of the computer screen.

And a few little cards I made recently. I think I'll start scanning them in...these photos really make them look bad.

And now I'll say goodnight so as to not damage my eyes any further, with the promise of many more blogs in the future.

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