Friday, June 26, 2009

Ruby Slippers and Pocket Watch Necklaces

So the bathing suit came, and it was hideous, but I've got another on the way. Crossing my fingers!
I did get this lovely little dress in the mail a couple of days ago ( and realized half way through the day that I felt a bit like Dorothy Gale, so when I got home I slipped on some "ruby slippers" and grabbed a little basket (Foo Foo wouldn't sit in it though...joking, I didn't really try that!) and felt really as though the outfit fit the part from one of my favorite movies (and books) of all time.

And the pocketwatch necklace that I wanted (Modcloth). It's lovely. I keep looking at it.

Then I remembered that I had the parasol that I won from Modcloth (for naming it the Vanilla Skies Parasol), so I grabbed that, too.

And then I felt really foolish because I realized that Aaron was staring at me through the window taking silly photos of myself.

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