Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A puppy all over again...

Since our vacation is fast approaching, and the Mademoiselle Foo Foo was looking a bit unkempt, we took her to Pet Smart for a much-needed grooming yesterday. She even came home with a little bitty toothbrush from her "dentist appointment." I think Pet Smart does such a wonderful job, and unlike other places we've taken her to, she actually enjoys being there. I just think of that Charmin commercial with the little dog who goes to the spa...that's Foo Foo. Anyway, I love when she comes home afterward because she looks so much like a little puppy all over again.

However, it also seems that when she gets groomed, she gets a bit more of nose-in-the-air attitude and ridiculously hyper. It's like getting rid of all that hair just frees her from her lap dog status.

I love the bows, but they don't stay in long.

And she gets a bit cold, like today for instance, when it was just absolutely gorgeous and cool out (Cool enough to get out the knee socks...yea!!!). I noticed she was shivering and had to get her sweater out.
Also, yesterday I wore this, which is really nothing special (except for the shoes, of course!). It seems, however, that everytime I wear these shoes I feel the need to wear bright red lipstick, which is quite rare.

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