Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Unexpected

Just as it seems that when one door closes God always opens a window, the same holds true when vice versa. When something good happens (e.g. going to Chicago), then something bad (e.g. unexpected surgery) usually happens.

We had a wonderful time in Chicago, and I will have to update day by day on The Tulip Bulb.

However, a couple of weeks ago I was having some pain but it wasn't too bad. It subsided, but then reappeared with hurricane force yesterday. It was weird... I went to Jacob's Wildcat game in the morning, came home, dusted, and then was bowled over by mind-numbing pain within hours. After a bit of coaxing on Aaron's behalf, I agreed to go to the ER. It was discovered that I had an abscess and other words, really nasty stuff. They decided to perform surgery that night and found that the abscess was quite large. I stayed overnight last night and went home around 1:00 PM today. I didn't feel too bad when I was leaving the hospital (aah, morphine, sweet morphine), but I have felt absolutely terrible since. I'm on Darvaset and have been forbidden from returning to work until at least Thursday. I have an appointment on Wednesday to see how things are healing, so keep your fingers crossed! I really need to return to work ASAP since I just took off a week's vacation! Why always the poor timing?!

My morphine button. Dispenses morphine every 10 minutes if I decided I needed some. Heavens, but this stuff is addictive!


Anyhow, feel free to visit. I will be here for a few days at least. Thanks a bunch to my friend Katie who brought a beautiful basket of flowers and polish and nail polish remover so I can feel pretty!

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