Saturday, August 29, 2009

Mod Squad

What a fabulous day!

My hubby was sweet enough to wake up early just so we could spend a little Saturday afternoon together. To The Chocolate Thimble we went and loaded up with little chocolates.

I've been feeling the vibe for a little '60s comeback, so I donned my fake eyelashes which I so love (they're not as hard to use as you think, ladies!) and my "nose piercing." Well, it's not a real one because unfortunately my workplace doesn't think that they are as cute as I do. So I just take a little crystal nail decal and use eyelash glue to stick it on my nose. No pain. No scar. (Thanks for the tip, Stephanie!) Aaron thinks it's awesome.

We had a nice little lunch at The Dash Inn (although we both agreed that 816 Pint and Slice may have been a better choice), then ventured to the Calhoun Street Emporium to meet up with our friend Hillary for some antiquing. I never knew about this place in all of the 9 years they've been open, but I am now smitten. This is quite unfortunate for my pocketbook.
As you may know, Aaron and I are flying to Manhattan in just a few short weeks for a little day (and a half) trip. I have been searching high and low for the perfect '60s dress to wear on the plane (like these), and the dress has been found!

I also found the cute little black vintage purse (above) and this collar (Aaron asked me "What is that thing?")

I also found this funny little dress for only $12!!

And these silvery gray gloves for $6.

Aaron bought this neat little jug for his friend Scott because it has both of their mothers' maiden names on it...Duffy and Maloney.

Afterward we saw that the Rialto was just across the street, so we peeked in. It's such a neat little theatre that sadly has not been open in years.

We found some odds and ends at the antique store (very odd indeed!) this little troll (I think I had a dozen of these growing up).

and this risque little frog.

We also found a lot of animal (real animal) clothing which are now probably horribly politically incorrect. An alligator bag (real baby alligator head),

armadillo bag (real armadillo), and some mink stolls (with real mink heads, of which I did not get a photo because Aaron kept sticking them in my face and they really creeped me out).

Anyhow, you should go. But if you see a very old amazing record player, please don't buy it, because we're planning on going back for it after our vacation.

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