Sunday, August 30, 2009

Take a hike!

Take a hike!

I mean that in the nicest, most sincere way. I mean that hiking is a very splendid way of keeping in shape and enjoying nature.

Today was so incredibly lovely, and I do mean, the very most beautiful day I've ever seen. Cool, sunny, slight breeze. As soon as I woke up (which was quite late because I didn't fall asleep until 2:00 AM!), I ran to tell Aaron that we must play catch or go to the zoo or something outstide...STAT!

We made a little picnic lunch of cold chicken and Miracle Whip sandwiches, blueberries, and orange pop, hooked the puppies on their leashes, and hopped in the car. We drove down the road a bit, where there is a little nature trail. It's very small, but sweet for a quick outing where you just need to take in the trees and the air and the birds for a tiny bit. We hiked the long trail, which the dogs loved.

I love that this little tiny tree is growing around this very large one.

After the hike, we went down the road a bit for our picnic lunch, and this little guy decided to join us for a bite to eat. It's very difficult to see as I only had my phone with me to take photos, and really it's his job to camouflage himself is a little walking stick! He's the little brown straight thing on the edge of the table.

We also saw a doe and her fawn on the way home, and they were so wonderful and gentle looking! We also saw these on our hike, and I know you're technically not supposed to pick them up, but I couldn't help myself, and it didn't say not to on the sign. Anyhow, a buckeye and an acorn. I haven't seen any in quite a while so I was thrilled.

The buckeye is appropriate because I just bought buckeyes yesterday at The Chocolate Thimble (the sort made of chocolate and peanut butter, not the type you plant in the ground...although I suppose you could plant a candy buckeye in the ground, but it really won't do you any good except waste perfectly fine chocolate).
And the acorn reminds me of when Jesse and Mary and I were little and we made up a game when the family went hiking (which we did a lot). We each got an American Indian name, and then we took turns leading the family on the hike, and whoever was the leader at the time was "Big Chief..." and then their Indian name. Jesse was Big Chief Little Turtle, Mary was Big Chief Little Acorn Planter (she planted those things everywhere on the trails!) and I was dubbed Big Chief Bellyacher, which I don't quite think is fair.

Hope your weekend was as wonderful as mine was!

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