Monday, October 12, 2009

Final Day of Vacation...Finally!

Our last day in Frankenmuth began with a ride aboard the Bavarian Belle down the Cass River. Downstairs is a dining area used for parties and rehearsal dinners, while we stayed upstairs, eating popcorn and throwing some to the ducks. The story of the Bavarian Belle is narrated from a recording, and the recording said that the Frankenmuth ducks think the Bavarian Belle is a big popcorn machine. I think we threw more than we ate! The Bavarian Belle is such a neat boat, with a giant paddle wheel, and you can even stand on the front in front of the Captain's station.

After the relaxing ride on the Cass River, we strolled to Kern's Sausages and picked up a case of Hofbrau (because it's so cheap there!) and a big roll of summer sausage.

We were going to pick up some things at the Farmer's Market, but it was lame so we left.

We went to the Frankenmuth Toy Company to buy a pirate ship kite, then to the Frankenmuth Fudge Kitchen. You can see the employees here making fudge on one of the marble slabs.

I wanted to stay quite a bit longer, but Aaron likes to leave right away on the last day of any vacation, so off we went. We stopped by this diner right outside of Frankenmuth...The Oink Joint.

It was pretty good, and they made old fashioned malts, so that was cool.

Well, that's a wrap!

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