Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hey, Everybody! It's the Kellyman's Birthday!

Today my little Kellyman turns 14 years old! I can hardly believe it! When she was a baby I used to push her in her stroller all over town. Now she's only a year off from getting her drivers permit!

We had a party for this gorgeous young lady on Sunday...

Grandma Eichman and Baby Olivia

Mom and Uncle Tom

Lucy was so psyched to give Kelly her present...a pink Aero shirt with rhinestone beads on the back in the shape of wings. Doesn't she look proud?

Kelly looking at the card I made for her.

Kelly in the beret and scarf we got for her. I couldn't resist.

And the card. Let me explain. We always told Kelly that she looked like a monkey when she was a baby. In fact, we convinced her that her dad was Donkey Kong. Then we started singing "Day-O" to her, but we'd substitute the words so that they were "Hey, Mr. Kellyman, Kelly me bananas." Hence the monkey in the cross country outfit eating bananas (she's a cross country star by the way).

(I don't know why the colored pencil always looks like there's a bunch of glossy film in photos. It doesn't in real life.)


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