Friday, November 6, 2009


Well, I've finally done it, and it only took 3 years!

My Grandma Workman taught me how to knit 3 years ago when I had my first surgery. Unfortunately, I was a little out of it because of the medication and had to completely tear the thing apart and start over. Since then, certain things have gotten in the way, but I finally finished Aaron's scarf, just in time for winter.

I was a bit nervous because while I was watching the tutorial on casting off, I found that I had only 2 inches of yarn left and about 6 more stitches, which was not enough yarn! I begged Aaron to run to the store after work and buy some more yarn. Then I tied the two ends together and finished with the second ball of yarn. Whew! I'm glad it worked!

I'm pretty proud if I may say so myself.

Shoes: Wild Diva

Pin: Vintage, Calhoun Street Emporium (it makes me think of Emma Pillsbury)

Want to learn how to knit? Go here for some really great tutorials:

Craft Yarn Council of America

Craft Gossip (for free hats and scarves patterns)


erin + tyler said...

Tyler & I checked out knitting books from the library a couple years ago and taught ourselves to knit.
My great grandma tried to teach me crochet, but I didn't catch on!

Judy in Indiana said...

That is a really great looking scarf! It looks manly and I hope aaron wears it. I don't think Scott would wear a scarf. He is a fashion simpleton. I hope I get my kids each a hat knit by Christmas. I know I still have about 45 days till the holiday is here, but I have other things to do, too.