Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Funny Thing Happened At T.J. Maxx

So, I know this is Arts and Crafts Day on The Tulip Bulb...but I've got nothin'. Instead, here are some photos of past outfits. The first one is from today, which has a story attached.
First, I had my doctor's appointment for post-op checkup, and Dr. Edlund was thrilled by how everything is healing! 3 more weeks, and we're pretty much in the clear. Anyhow, Dr. Edlund is really silly and fun and he laughed when he saw my outfit and asked the nurse, "Doesn't she just look like a little schoolgirl?" then proceeded to laugh his "Santa Claus" laugh. That guy cracks me up.
Then a guy at work said I looked like I should be in a Harry Potter movie.
Then I called my German teacher to see if we were still meeting tonight. Her husband answered (I've only ever called their house like 3 times), and called to his wife, "I think it's Aubrey." I said to my teacher, "Wow, he knows my voice already?" And she said, "Yeah, he thinks you sound like a little girl on the phone." What???
Finally, I had some time after work before my German lesson, so I stopped at T.J. Maxx (I didn't buy anything...I swear!). I was looking at dresses, when this nice tanorexic woman in her late 40s who looked like she was in her early 50s trying to look like she was 30 started browsing, too. She started holding up dresses for me to try on, found one for me, then said, "No, I'll try it on, and if it doesn't fit, I'll have you try it on." I went to the dressing room and began trying on too-big and too-small dresses. She came in, tried on the dress, then said, "Little girl? Little girl, are you in the dressing room next to me?" Then she laughed and said, "I probably shouldn't call you a little girl. You're probably my daughter's age." Little girl??? (I suppose it's my height, and the knee high socks don't help)

Weird day.

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