Monday, November 30, 2009

The Kindness Quiz

Okay, we're now in the season of Advent, so we need to start setting our priorities straight. Take the Kindness Quiz to find out if you're ready for Christmas and the coming year. (By the way, I think I scored a 2...yikes!)

Kindness Quiz
Score yourself on these 8 questions by using your fingers. One point for each YES

1. Do you listen patiently when someone launches for the fifth time into the same tired old story or the same stale jokes?

2. When people begin to gossip, do you make strenuous efforts to change the subject quickly?

3. When someone insults you, do you (before you respond to the insult) call to mind how many times God has forgiven you, and then resolve to be just as forgiving?

4. When you’re not sure about another person’s motives, do you assume that his motives are good until you have evidence otherwise?

5. Do you make efforts to be reconciled with persons who have wronged you?

6. Do you try to suppress the sarcastic remarks that leap into your mind?

7. When others anger you, do you start praying for them immediately, before you find yourself brooding about how they’ve wronged you?

8. Are you as polite to the members of your own family as you are to strangers?

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