Friday, November 27, 2009

Turkey for you and turkey for me....

Did you have a pleasant Thanksgiving? Ours was quite lovely. There was much baby-holding and baby-passing to be done,

story telling,

goofy face-making

puppy loving,

all-around silliness,

(this is Mary and me saying "What the heck??" to Aaron while Jenny and Rachel "fight")

picture-taking (finally!)

nativity set-up,

camel attacks,




and of course, more baby holding.

I told Pookie to make silly faces, and I couldn't make her stop once she got going!

By the way, Judy and family, and Jesse, Stephanie, and Aidan...we missed you all very much!


Collin said...

You missed me? That's so sweet. Don't worry, we'll all be there with our greedy hands out for Christmas.

Collin said...

I don't know why it says I am Collin, I am not!

Auntie Judy

Stephanie said...

We missed you, too! LOVE the pictures of Olivia-she is getting SO big!!! Can't wait to see you all at Christmas :)

Shoe Gal said...

Is someone messing with your computer, Aunt Judy? Perhaps they thought it was April Fools, not Thanksgiving.