Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Jamburglar

Last Saturday my family and I went to the Annual March for Life (which had an AMAZING turnout...better than I've seen in years past!), and afterward we usually go to Coney Island. But since there was such a terrific turnout, we decided Coney Island would be packed and we'd better just go to the also yummy Mr. Coney. After devouring coney dogs, french fries, and chili (the perfect meal for an extremely "chilly" day), our bellies full and aching, I noticed that Little Lucy was stuffing something into her coat pocket.

I said, "Pookie Pie, what are you doing? What did you put in your pocket?"

She quietly pulled out a Smucker's jam packet.

I couldn't stifle my laugh. "Is that the only one?" we questioned her.

Then she pulled another one out of her pocket!

Mom said, "Lucy, we have jelly at home."

And Lucy replied, "But I really like it."

And she truly was sad about having to give them back.


Judy in Indiana said...

Think of it as a "gift with purchase." I think she is okay. I was afrid this postw as about her stealing hoemmade jam from your fridge. Whew. Hopefully my jam is safe in everyone's stomachs by now.

Shoe Gal said...

Ha ha ha! I bet if Lucy knew about your jam, she would try to swipe it, too! Somehow I think we would figure it out when we saw a glass jar protruding from her jacket pocket. :-)

Shoe Gal said...

Maybe I will buy her some jam for her birthday next month (or perhaps I'll even make some)!