Sunday, January 31, 2010

Oh so Bitter:Sweet

Having a little trouble coming up with a blog post. In the meantime, enjoy some Bitter:Sweet, because...well...they're just fabulous. And because this little montage is all about Holly Golightly, who is the most fabulous make-believe woman I know of (and in my opinion, Audrey's best role).

Don't you think that Cat looks a bit like my cat, Buster? (Buster is a bit old, so he's now a little whiter rather than the orange of his youth)

For more about, I mean...Audrey, visit this blog I stumbled upon:
And to listen to some really awful musicians who ripped off a fabulous character's name, go to:
This is immensely better

and one of the first songs I'd like to learn on the guitar, in tribute to the grandpa I never met, and to my mom.
I'll say it now, and you'll hear it again. Audrey Hepburn was absolutely iconic. She made me believe that all gorgeous women have tiny, fluffy dogs; that one should always leave the house wearing very clean, crisp clothing and lovely, beehived hair; that the best dresses come in black; that a woman should always be ladylike but strong; that children are tiny little blessings. Of course, she also made me believe that someday when I grew up I would be 5'7" and 100 pounds...instead I am 5 foot even and a bit on the stubby stout side.
Well, anyhow. Enjoy.

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