Sunday, May 23, 2010

Good Bye, My Dear Windy City

My brother Jesse graduated from college last weekend in Chicago and they moved back to town yesterday, so Aaron and I decided to have one last hurrah in Chi-town. Not that we'll never go back...we're just not as likely to go back as often as we currently do.

(This was a "puppet bike." The guy inside totally freaked me out. You could put money in the front in this little container, and he'd reach his hand through from inside to rake it in. Anyhow, these ladies were taking pictures on their phones...the guy stuck his head out and totally reamed them out. We get the heck out of there.)
We walked on Michigan Avenue, went to Tiffany's, ate dinner at Rosebud with a bottle of wine, then walked our way along Lake Shore Drive to Navy Pier.
We had never ridden the ferris wheel and it was sunset, so I begged and begged to go on it. So we did.

But then it started moving...painfully slow...and I remembered that I was afraid of heights. I've been on a ferris wheel before, but it's been a long time, and that one was a lot faster so you didn't hang in the air as long thinking about whether it would fall apart and you would crash to the ground. Romantic, isn't it? Needless to say, I was freaking out, holding on to my camera with white knuckles.

This is blurry because I refused to move or let Aaron move at all for fear that we would plummet to the ground. 


Afterward we went to Blue Chicago and made some wonderful new friends from about an hour north of Chicago. And after Aaron loaded me full of shots and beer, we headed to Fado, a terrific Irish pub next door.

Oh, how I love Chicago! It holds such a special place in my heart, and I remember vividly each and every visit I've made there since I was 8 years old. I always wanted to live there for a few months (or years), but alas, it never came to be. Feeling the life of the city, knowing the city like the back of your hand, walking to everywhere you need to be....only someone who lives there can do that. But then again, what a lucky girl I am to live in the country and be able to hop into the car and go to one of the most amazing cities! It's the best of both worlds.


erin + tyler said...

I love Blue Chicago, Fado, and especially your photos from the ferris wheel!

Shoe Gal said...

Thanks, Erin! My favorites are the ferris wheel photos, too! We had such a great time.