Sunday, May 23, 2010

Graduation Day

My brother Jesse graduated from college last weekend, and so the whole family came to celebrate.

It began with a bus ride from the parking garage to the in school bus, which I think was a very smart way to transport people through Chicago.

Proud wife and baby
And Aidan's cousin was there, too, of course. What a cutie!
Aaron was very proud that he took this photo from a fair distance away...and then he laughed about it the whole way through the ceremony.
Unfortunately, I'm either a poor photographer, or my lens is not strong enough to take nice photos from that far away. Alas, most of them look like they were taken on a cell phone.
"Hey, Grandma has snacks! I want some!"
"Out of my way, bud."
Learning to share.
"Look at the silly face I can make, Ma."
Even if I could have gotten a good shot of Jesse getting his diploma, some folks below held up signs for their graduate and obstructed my view, so I got nothin'.
"Way to go, Daddy! Yea!"
Trying to get out....wanna play Where's Aidan?

After the ceremony, there was a party...Grandma made the cake.
"Let me out!"
This guy is such a little ham...he kept having me take pictures and showing them to him.
"Hey, can I try?"
"Here, let me close that flash for you."
Like Daddy, like baby...trying to open doors.
Mr. Graduate
BIG cheese!

My favorite picture.

Congratulations, Jesse! We're so proud of you (and happy you are home)!

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