Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Baby Baton Twirlers and Crazy Clowns

Ahhhh, Canal Days. A time of year when I bump into old classmates I wanted to bump into and some that I didn't. A good time to get back to the old hometown and reminisce, sharing in the camaraderie with Bulldogs past and present.

People lined the streets in anticipation of the parade, sweltering in the muggy heat as there was no shade...yes, that bright New Haven City Council had all of the beautiful trees cut down and street ripped to pieces on the old parade route, so there we sat. But never mind the heat, we were all in good spirits.

"Hey, what you got there?"

"Hmmm...still no candy. I wonder if this bag will be big enough to hold it all."
"Come on, candy people...I'm in parade ready position!"
"If you don't give me all of your candy, I'm going to take away your binky!"

Kelly acting goofy
Here it is! There are the policemen.

The girls were out with their Japanese parasols...very smart, I think.
Little C and Little G showed up

Hey, that's Lucy in the parade! Hi, Lucy!
Lucy's dance school
Sweet Mom and Little C
Jacob showing just how very bright and hot it is outside...don't look directly into the sun! You'll go blind!
Pouting. "I didn't get any candy!"
"I really wanted some candy. I've gotta figure out a way to get some candy."
"Hey, look at what they gave me!"
Little Patriots
There's the cute family!
Oh Aidan, you and your silly faces!
There were cute, happy babies everywhere...the streets were flooded with them
Here come the clowns!
And the New Haven Alumni Band
That guy looks familiar
Hey, it's Grandpa!
Like father, like son
Gotta open this
"Little G, do you need some help opening that candy?"
"Mmmmm.....mnum, mnum, mnum, mnum. Have to shove this candy in before I get more!"
Baby baton twirlers
But then it was over, and we started to really feel the heat.
And some were just sad because it was over and they hadn't filled their candy bags
But all in all, it was a lovely parade.

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