Saturday, June 19, 2010

My Favorite Things in the Month of June

I heart:
Finding old videos and photos of little siblings

Tokens of appreciation from the boss

Tokens of appreciation from the office

Flying babies

Patriotic babies

Silly babies

Sad babies

Munchy babies

Tiny baby frogs!

Jars full of giant gumballs whose deliciousness lasts 2.5 seconds

Waking up to fresh flowers

especially when they are the state flower

A house filled wall-to-wall with fresh flowers

Hanging out with the gang

The first firefly of summer

Making delicious, yellow summer treats

Walking down my old childhood street during fair time

Not being embarrassed to wear my dirndl in public

Old fashioned telephones that just happened to be in the garage

Memories of our first vacation together

The click of train wheels on an old wooden track

Seeing life through my camera lens

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