Sunday, June 27, 2010

Let's Play Ball!

So my sister Kelly is ridiculously athletic, which means she must obviously be secretly from another family as the rest of us have no physical aptitude whatsoever. She begins the day by running 4 miles for Track training, then plays a game of Wildcat baseball, and in the evening plays a double-header softball game. It has been a joy to watch her improve in her beloved sports over the years. Ballgames are a requirement of summer, the dirt blowing wildly, the rump-bruising bleachers to sit on, the blistering sun mellowing into sweet summer twilight, hot dogs, chanting at the other team, cheering, booing, and the swift crack of the bat as the ball goes soaring above the field.

I have to give props to Aaron for taking the photo above, as it's the best one of Kelly playing ball (a fact which irritates me since he takes about one photo every 4 months).

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