Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dear Santa: I would like a real lifesize gingerbread house

The Neiman Marcus Christmas Wish Book is here, and once again, I'm crazy about it! Most of it is out of the realm (or pocketbook) of the little people in the world like me. But a girl can dream, can't she? There were so many things I adored...a real life zebra, an indoor lighted pool, His and Her airplanes...but I really liked this:
381 pounds of gingerbread and 517 pounds of royal icing all for a mere $15K

Well, in the more affordable "Dear Santa" list, find some super cute things to ogle at FredFlare.com:

babushkups nesting glasses $20

hot shot! camera ring $10

antique skeleton key necklace $14

Curiosities Kit $25.95

mini foosball table $30

Disney Couture Dumbo carousel necklace $68

Be still my heart....a new Audrey Hepburn/Breakfast at Tiffany's book.
Fifth Avenue, 5 A.M. $19.95

What's a silly party without self-adhesive mustaches?
self-adhesive mustaches $10

Oh, how I love vintage...and who doesn't love a couple of reindeer driving a car?
roadster reindeer holiday card set $14

Every Christmas I ask for egg nog, and every year, Santa brings it. Non-alcoholic, please! The other stuff tastes terrible. But these look pretty tasty and with less calories!
eggnog bubblegum $5

For the crafty girl (or guy) at heart
Creative, Inc. $17.95
Does this remind anyone else of one of my most beloved movies, "Pee Wee's Big Adventure?" I know you are but what am I?! I know you are but what am I?!
bike horn $6

A creepily cute twist on the original...I really do kind of want this!
Dick & Jane & Vampires $10

Naked little kewpie cuties with animal hats...again, kinda creepy, but uber cute!
Sonny Angel mini figures $8

Leave the coal in the stocking and the carrots in the fridge. This box has got you covered.
snowman-in-a-box $14
I always wanted to be a librarian when I was a kid (and still kind of do!), but no colleges offered Library Sciences in the old hometown. Now patrons scan their own library books, so it really takes out all the fun for the librarians.
personal library kit $20

As you might know, I collect teacups and teapots. I think this is the most darling I've ever seen.
little red riding hood tea  pot $44

Vintage. What more can I say?
vintage office rubber stamp kit $30

I would be more likely to enjoy the mornings if I could make such a happy and European breakfast!
french toast stamp $6

Some people are nosy. That's why you need invisible ink pens. Plus, wouldn't it be fun to send messages to pen pals with these totally rad spy tools?
secret message writing set $10

 Well, there is more I would love to have, but if I had everything, then I'd never have anything to look forward to. But Santa, a few things might be nice. :-)

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