Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Extent of My Black Friday

I'm not a big fan of Black Friday. I think people act crazy, and I'd rather spend the extra money than fight crowds, deal with badly-behaved people, and stand in long lines snaking around a building outside in the bitter, windy cold. So I went to my favorite online sites and got just a couple of things.

I've been wanting this coat for a very, very long time, but I don't really need it so I couldn't justify buying it. But yesterday it was 1/2 off! My computer wouldn't let me check out, so I frantically called my sister Kelly, who was kind enough to do the checkout portion of the transaction from their computer with my check card. I'm getting the Pacific Blue color. Thanks, Kellyman!
The boots that Aaron got me for our anniversary a few years ago are getting to the point of non-repair. Probably because I've worn them every winter day for the past 2 years. Kohl's had a pretty killer deal on these boots, and I think they'll look super cute with black tights and the blue coat. Hooray! I'm so excited! - Apt. 9 Callisto Platform Knee-High Boots

I'll take photos when they arrive! I just love mail, and I love it even more when it involves super cute things.

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