Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ode to Shoes

My little sister Kelly wrote this poem for her English class (and got an A+ for it!).

Shoes are my favorite things in the world
Since I can be such a material girl
There are all different kinds flats and high heels
There are sandals and sneakers I get such good deals
I have my favorite colors and styles
I keep them all in tons of piles
Shoes as beautiful as Miss USA
And that is all I have to say

I recently reorganized my shoes. It was in dire need. Even though my shoes were all originally in individual clear tubs, they inevitably ended up on the floor of my closet(s) because I couldn't see through the box quickly enough. So I took photos of all my shoes, made a couple of collages in Picasa with the photos, then printed them at Snapfish. Finally, they were put on the front of each tub, and I have to admit, it's worked quite nicely. These are the winter shoes I wear the most. The summer shoes are in under-the-bed organizers until next year.

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Judy in Indiana said...

Oh my. I have shoes. Scott would say too many. But really, not a lot. Seeing this makes me want to weed some out. I don'thave cute shoes, just functional shoes.